Hi Everyone,
Some of you may be subscribers to the Reiki One newsletter from
From time to time I've written some comments for it and recently a few people on the list were asking why their hands would run cold Reiki instead of warm or hot. Since Threshold students often experience this, I wrote to the list sharing my thoughts. Here are my comments in case you are interested. (note that our friend John Dunham and some others on the list were students of Master Peng).
I finally found the reference to cold energy that I was looking for. I
should explain that I too have had many experiences with Reiki turning
cold, even freezing, from my hands - as have many of my students. It seemed
to have begun in the summer of 1999 while attending a healing class in a
non-Reiki discipline I suddenly received an extremely strong energy from
one of my Guides. It was an energy I had tried to run before on my own, but
could not, due to the strength. Suddenly it was coursing through me as I
had opened up to any higher energy other than Reiki. I began to shiver,
even though it was quite warm outside and in the room. As I held my hands
about 6 inches away - front and back - from my partner who was seated, she
too began to shiver saying it was very cold - although she said it was very
good and didn't want me to stop.

The following year I allowed my Reiki to expand at the urging of my Guides
(for 4 years I was teaching Tera-Mai Reiki), and I realised I couldn't call
it Tera-Mai Reiki anymore - it would be too confusing - so I termed it
Threshold Reiki. My first student afterwards was taking Reiki 3 and he
became very concerned that the energy would afterwards often run very cold.
It took a few weeks for this to integrate and then it would switch as
needed - hot, warm or cold. This became quite common with Threshold Reiki,
but occasionally I run into other Reiki practitioners of different schools
who too say their energy will run cold at times. (By the way, there are
ways to make it run hot again.)

Then one day I was reading a Qi Gong book written by the student of a local
master - Grand Master Peng Jiu Ling - with whom I had received a powerful
treatment in the summer of 1999. I had also attuned him at this time but I
felt he could hold far more Reiki than I could actually flow at that time.
Here are the paragraphs from the book Shaolin Nei Jin Qi Gong by Peter
Fenton (1996, Samuel Weiser Inc.) that seemed to offer some explanation.

"In terms of how practitioners use Qi for healing purposes, three general
categories can be presented. Yang or hot Qi, Yin or cold Qi, and Spiral or
penetrative Qi. Yang Qi can be used to treat most ailments but Yin Qi is
far superior for certain problems, such as twisted necks, sprains, fevers,
and so on. It is inadvisable to treat a Yin problem with Yin Qi, as this
might compound the difficulty. At this level of practice, exercises to
cultivate cold Qi are not given, so the possibility of emitting cold Qi
will not occur. Spiral Qi has a great ability to penetrate living tissues
and it can be used to remove difficult blockages in the channels. It is
only by learning advanced forms of Qi Gong that you will be able to emit
either Spiral or cold Qi. Spiral Qi, by the way, can be emitted to a
distance of about 16 feet.
"If you notice a cold area in the body, particularly around the soles of
the feet, during practice, or when treating others, it is an indication
that the Yin Qi is starting to move. This is a good sign because it means
that it is now easier for hot Qi to move into the afflicted area. Noticing
these kinds of subtle changes suggests that you are developing the ability
to distinguish among the different forms of Qi, and that you are able to
actually move it through the body."

I found the references to Spiral Qi interesting - this sounds very much
like the focused Reiki that can result with the use of the first symbol.
The cold energy - actually a strong cool breeze sensation - emitting from
the feet (and knees) is also something that I observe in all Threshold
Reiki treatments, as do my students. This may actually be a common Reiki
phenomenon. The next time you give a treatment, check out the breeze coming
form the soles. I tease students that they are just passing wind at their