Lesson Two

The children are leading you toward a new world, yet one you have
always known. It is their innocence you are learning to recapture, though it
has never left you at all. It is hidden and isolated, yes, but the gift
of life cannot abandon you even in your death. It is this that secures
your innocence for all eternity. Life is realized through you, and now
is the time you chose to return to the purity in which you were
created. Embrace it now, and your Sacred Heart will radiate through all the

Everything of your spirit is reflected in your body, just as everything
in the mass consciousness of the world is reflected in the earth you
claim. When you were born all your Divine Gifts were mirrored in perfect
balance within this Temple. You were able to communicate
multi-dimensionally, to see yourself within the soul of all creatures, and to offer
your love as it was and will always be offered back to you. But after
time a new world settled in around you, based upon untrue laws made to
limit the expression of your life. Until then a gland called the thymus
was strong within you, controlling and inspiring your natural healing
and gifts. When this word is broken down, “thy,” and “mus,” which is
short for “muse,” or “that which inspires,” the gift of its presence is
revealed. But then you stopped listening to the inspiration it offered,
and the thymus began shrinking. In most adults it is difficult to find at
all, for the energy that flowed to and from it when you were a ch
ild has ceased.

Awakening the thymus is the physical counterpart to activating the
Sacred Heart. The children are leading you today because their inspiration
is still strong, and you are instinctively drawn to this strength. They
have not taken the path that was mapped out for them by a world
dominated by sickness, pain and death. They have chosen a different path, and
you will follow them to a new world. And as you do, the thymus, or
Sacred Heart, is awakened again, and it grows within your physical body. A
bridge is then reestablished, one that leads back to your innocence.
You will cross this bridge and bring all those you love with you. That is
the true aim of this meditation.

Now that the Sacred Heart within has been reignited, we must keep the
flame strong. I will offer two methods for fulfilling this, the first
physical and the second spiritual.

1. Gently tap the area of the upper heart with three fingers, focusing
on the flame within. This visualization, combined with the tapping,
will draw energy to this energetic center, and a connection will be made
between the two worlds. This is the bridge I was referring to, and the
awakened Sacred Heart will be the path that leads you there. Follow
these instructions several times a day and you will begin to feel a flow of
energy you did not sense before. It is this flow that leads you to the
second step.

2. Commit yourself to spending at least one hour a day for the next
three days “Seeing” the Awakened Sacred Heart in others. I cannot
overemphasize the benefits of this practice. If you truly want to know yourself
to be awake, see others as awake, regardless of any evidence to the
contrary. You cannot receive a gift you are not willing to give, otherwise
you will still be forcing your mind into the “ego’s theory of
separation.” It is not real, for only the Love of God is eternal. If you spend
an hour a day seeing this in others, then both the upper and lower heart
will expand beyond anything you have known till now. Then you will know
the path you walk, and we will stand together in this holy recognition.
You do not need to say a word to anyone about this, in fact it is
better that you do not. Only give. Only love. Your own Sacred Heart will
then explode with Light, the Light that is your Home.

I have said that this is a simple path we walk together, but these are
also the most important steps you will ever take. There are awakened
beings on every level now waiting for your assistance, and you will learn
it only when your heart expands to contain the whole world. In the
final, third lesson we will take the last step of Divine Communication
through your Sacred Heart, and then you will be able to join us. It is the
only thing that is required. You cannot hear until you learn to listen.
That is why we are here, and it is why this is being offered to you.
Choose this moment to fulfill this task. We are waiting for you now.