(These lessons are presented through the inspiration and voice of
Jeshua. Who better to describe the purpose of the Sacred Heart within each
one of us? James.)

Lesson One:

“There was a rainbow around the throne, in sight like an emerald.”

We begin a journey this day, one that you cannot fail to complete. It
is a journey into your heart, and therefore, toward your Home. There is
no other place for you to go, for nothing else has ever satisfied you.
There is only one goal now, and yet the reward you seek is already
yours. We begin with this knowledge, this recognition, for it is by
realizing this that you move into it. Even before you read another word, all
things are complete within you. Embrace this one thought, and the rest
will happen on its own. All things are complete within you now.

You would do well to understand with your mind the “heart” that is our
destination and goal. Does it surprise you when I say that you have
three hearts, and that each one serves a completely different function? We
begin with the first, the heart that rules your physical self. It is
the heart of flesh that nurtures the body you have claimed, and for most,
this knowledge is enough. Most of you have also realized the second,
more subtle energy center, the heart that rules the heart. This is the
chakra that links you with your Divine Purpose on earth. And yet, there
is still a higher channel you can achieve. The third and final heart,
what we are calling the “Sacred Heart,” is where we will place our
attention now. Your true calling lies here, for the gifts it brings transcend
all the rest. It is the “Throne of Power,” the gateway to the whole

This is how you may understand the nature of your three hearts: The
first rules all things physical; the second, or subtle heart, rules all
things spiritual; the third, or Sacred heart, simply rules all things. It
is the bridge that connects you with all reality.

The activation of your Sacred Heart is the final step in realizing your
oneness with all beings. This is, in fact, its primary function. Once
realized, you will know that all thoughts are shared, and you will then
joyfully lend your Self to the highest service of Humanity. This cannot
be achieved with the lower heart, the subtle or second we have
mentioned. It is still linked to the world you created in your imagination, but
which has never been real in the Heart and Mind of God. Do you
understand the difference? Until now you have chosen to live within this dream,
and the function of the lower heart is to lead you away from one world
into the next, the world of shadows and mists into pure Light. Once
there, the upper, or Sacred Heart, becomes your guide. It will not lead
you astray, for once it has opened then you will be free in a way that
you cannot imagine now. Once you learn to live within the Sacred Heart we
share, then you will realize that you stand beside me, and the
world of dreams will be healed.

It is a simple path we walk together, for to overcomplicate this will
only lead to greater confusion. I begin by acknowledging that our
mission is already complete. But now you must learn to share my conviction,
and there is a process we must endure together in order to do this, the
purpose of which is to link your intention with your awareness. That is
what I mean when I say that you are already standing beside me. I
perceive you there, but you have yet to perceive yourself. Therefore, the
only change that needs to occur is a shift in your perception, or your
awareness. Once you are aware that our missions are linked, then it will
be complete.

Today’s goal is to awaken, then initiate your Sacred Heart. Let’s begin
by identifying its position. You have perhaps seen pictures of the
“Sacred Heart of Jesus” showing the physical heart with a Divine Flame
above it. The Divine Flame is the actual Sacred Heart, while the lower
portion is a symbolic representation of what is normally called the “Heart
Chakra.” The Sacred Heart is often envisioned as a threefold flame, and
each flame is symbolic of the attributes present in a person whose
heart has opened fully. The first flame is blue, which is the color of
empowerment or courage. The second is yellow, which is the color of wisdom.
The third flame is pink, which is the color of unconditional love. When
these flames are combined as one they become violet, or the fire of
transformation. The former self is gone and you are left with only truth.
The Self lives to fulfill its mission in Heaven and on earth. That,
quite simply, is why you are here now.

Igniting the Flame:

We will now initiate your Sacred Heart that it may begin serving its
true function. First read this description, then go back and follow them
as well as you can. The purpose of this visualization is to harness the
energy that is contained within your physical and subtle bodies, then
ignite this energy within your upper heart. You may think of it like you
would a gas stove. First you turn on the gas, then a simple flame
ignites a whole fire. You are filled with energy now, some of which you call
good or positive, while other forms are considered bad or negative.
There is in reality no such thing as good or bad, positive or negative
energy. Your thoughts alone make it appear this way, and it is by
releasing these thoughts, or the story behind the thoughts, that you gain the
ability to work with all your energy. That will be the purpose of this

Step One:
The first part of this exercise will help you realize that when there
is no story attached to your energy, that it feels the same. Begin by
closing your eyes and relaxing. Remember a time when you experienced
great joy, the happiest moment in your life. Remember this in as much
detail as you can, and as you do, try to feel the emotions you were feeling
then. Imagine that you are reliving the event. See and listen to the
people around you. Allow yourself to feel the emotions as powerfully as
you can. Now notice where in your body you feel the energy strongest.
Perhaps it is in your heart, or in your mid-region. Imagine a ball of
light there, and while you continue to hold onto the story that triggered
the emotion, place both hands over that spot. Know that the ball of
light is attaching itself to your hand, then after a few seconds, if it is
not already in your heart, begin moving your hand until the ball of
energy is contained within your lower heart.

Step Two:
Now let the story drop away from your mind completely, and as you do
this, see if the energy shifts or changes in any way. Let it rest for a
moment in your heart, the ball of light, vibrating strong. Now let one
of your hands move upward directly above the other. As you do this,
imagine that you are drawing some of the energy to the region where your
Sacred Heart rests. Now it is like the burner that releases gas without
the flame. Let it fill the region around your upper heart, the
intoxicating gas of pure love. It has been the destination of the energy all
along, for it will always seek to go where it will serve humanity, just as
your greatest joy seeks to express itself in the world. Feel this
energy filling your Sacred Heart fully.

Step Three:
The ignition of the Sacred Heart three-fold flame is as simple as
stating your intention. You have been given all power to create and seem to
destroy, but yet you must now learn to use it skillfully. As you hold
your hand over the upper heart, say these three words, and as you say
them breathe deeply knowing that they are igniting your truest light.
Your intention is all that is needed now.

“It is done!”

You have said YES to the Universe, and your heart is now alive. The
more you focus on this life in the next three days the more you will feel
its effects. It is like a newborn child, needing you to feed and
nurture it that it may grow strong and bright. That will be your task until
the next lesson. Then we will share more, that you may understand with
your mind what is already known in your heart.

I rejoice with you.

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