What is a Reiki Chi Ball?

A Reiki chi ball is a method of sending Reiki attunements and healings when you are not present with the client or student.

How does a chi ball work?
Similar to distant Reiki sessions, you can form the healing or attunement into an energetic ball of Reiki.  After doing this you can release the chi ball into the Universe, with the intention of sending it to the recipient when they call it in.

How do I make a chi ball?
You can make a chi ball by holding your hands a few inches apart from one another, as you do this you can either send Reiki or an attunement into the chi ball.  You can draw symbols into the chi ball if doing an attunement that requires symbols or you can just channel Reiki into the chi ball and allow energy to accumulate into the space between your hands.

What do I do with the chi ball after I create it?
You can do many things with chi balls after you create them.  One way I release the chi ball is open the palms of my hands and blow onto them, as I do this I watch the chi ball leave my hands and enter into the Universe.  I usually reaffirm my intention with the chi ball after that and let it go.

You can set your intention with the chi ball to do many different things, one thing you can do with it is sent is as an attunement to someone.  This method of attuning someone via chi ball is convenient if you are not close to the person that is receiving it. You can also send the chi ball filled with Reiki energy that is not an attunement to someone that is in need of Reiki, just tell them after you send it to call it in.  You can also send chi balls to yourself for a future date or time to call in.  For instance if you are facing a stressful moment in the future, you can ask that the chi ball be there for you when your in that moment and when the moment arrives you can call it in.

How do I call in a chi ball?
Calling in a chi ball is super easy!  All you need to do is state to the Universe, I am ready to receive the chi ball from  fill in the name of the person sending it to you.  Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the flow of energy!

What are chi balls good for?
Chi balls are great for people that are not in person with one another and they want to share Reiki or attunements but are unable to coordinate a time to do it together.  Chi balls are also wonderful to “bank” for yourself for later or even send to someone on a continual basis.  I have sent thousands of chi balls out with many intentions, use your imagination with it and play around with them and see what you come up with!

Is there is difference between chi balls and a regular distant attunement or distant healing session?
Yes, a chi ball is done at a different time when a regular distant healing or attunement session.  The way I do it is, if you prefer your Reiki session or attunement in a chi ball, just email me and let me know.  I will email you back and let you know the date and time I will be sending it out, so if you want to receive the attunement at that time, you can just call the chi ball in immediately, you can.  Usually the client or student of mine calls the chi ball in at a different time and that is perfectly fine, the beauty of the chi ball is that you are not tied to a particular time to receive your attunement or Reiki session, you can wait until the best time for you to call it in, when you are most relaxed and ready for it.

Do chi balls work?
Yes!  I have had lots of wonderful feedback from clients and student of mine after sending them chi balls.  Some people prefer their attunements or Reiki sessions in the form of a chi ball so they can just call it in on their own time.  It doesn’t matter to me how you prefer your attunement or session as the method of sending a chi ball and doing a distant attunement or Reiki session is the same amount of time and energy so either way works fine for me.

Are Reiki chi balls the same thing as qigong chi balls?
Reiki chi balls are different then qigong chi balls in that qigong chi balls are filled with the practitioners own healing energies and Reiki chi balls are filled with Universal life force (IE Reiki) energy.  They are created in a similar fashion but they are not the same.

Is there a certain attunement that helps me learn more about chi balls?
As far as I know at this moment there is not a particular attunement that will help you learn more about Reiki chi balls. I have actually done some research on chi balls online to find some more information about them online and I did not find a whole lot of information so I decided to write this page to help guide and teach people about them more.

There is an attunement called The Orb of Life that is similar to a chi ball in that it teaches you how to create a ball of energy, but it is not exactly a chi ball as you program the Orb of Life differently then you would program a chi ball.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have about Reiki chi balls, please don't hesitate to ask me any question, even if it seems silly at the moment, someone else is probably wondering the same thing!  Please use the form below to submit any question about chi balls that you may have and I will email you back with the answer and also put the question and answer up on this page so others can see the questions and answers that others have too!

Rev. Starlene Breiter, RMT