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Nuns, Priests and Ministers
Who Practice Reiki


Sister Anny Vogeizang

I have become a REIKI master to fulfil my vocation, which began with a dream. After overcoming my hesitations I began my master training in 1991 and as from January 1993 I have been giving REIKI courses every month, to a group of at most 9 students.

My religious congregation fully supports our activities and purchased a building for us in 1994. We call it “REIKI Centre DRIELUIK”. . The room is 40 square metres. Behind this big room are still another two little rooms half the size of the big room.

Our Reiki classes contain a cross-section of society: pastors (both roman-catholic and protestant), engineers, manufacturers, contractors, teachers, employees, housewives and housemen, healthcare workers, students etc.

Dick and Corry have participated in all the courses as assistant-masters. In October 1994, after they both had received the 3rd degree, Dick continued the master training and as of spring 1995 Dick and I take turns in giving the course, assisted by Corry and Dick or me.

We have chosen for quality, 9 students with 3 all round teachers. It already has begun to bear fruit. People who come here have often been made aware of “DRIELUIK” and its teachers by former participants.

I see it as my goal in life, following the Lord Jesus Christ, to help alleviate suffering that is unnecessary. Jesus did good, laid his hands on the sick for healing, talked to people who were in pain or in trouble etc. Dick, Corry and I do the same.

The students transfer the money to the Project “Vagrant Children Phillippines”. In this way, our helping hands reach further than the Netherlands. As from January 1993 more than NLG 150,000.— was transferred to the Phillippines.

In the Netherlands it is not required for a religious person to specify to the church authorities in detail what your activities are. Within the general goals of religious people there is enough room for anything you prefer, especially for the explicit words of Jesus, namely: “Lay your hands on each other for healing”. I quote the bible: Marcus 16:15 “Travel around the world . . . . . Mc. 16:18 “ . . . . . . .and if you lay your hands on the sick, they will become healthy.”

Sometimes fellow-nuns or religious people of other congregations join us for a REIKI course. Within our”DRIELUIK” premises, we give REIKI information once a month. We are also asked to provide information elsewhere.

We send you the cordial greetings of our threesome,

Corry, Dick and yours truly,

Anny Vogeizang
Member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Boromeo.

Perikweg 41
The Netherlands

Sister Mary Mebane

I am a Franciscan Sister, a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and am stationed at Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, CA, where I am a Chaplain. I have been a Sister for 42 years and counting.

I found answers to the questions I had about Reiki in the Bible. Laying on of hands is a gift of God and was used extensively by Jesus and his followers and still is! Reiki is spiritual - a spiritual way of "Being" and not a religion. The Reiki Ideals/Principles are a firm foundation and I can always get deeper and deeper into them.

In my morning prayer I always make the intention that anyone who wishes to receive Reiki through me will. (Rom. 14:7: The life and death of each of us has its influence on others.)

I felt the hand of God in my life even as a very small child and I felt the call to healing a long time ago, but was not sure how to go about "getting it." I would timidly ask God for it, then withdraw the request as I did not feel I was "worthy."

In 1997 at Marian Medical Center I saw a flyer about a Retreat featuring Tai Chi, massage, and something called "Reiki." As I wanted to learn Tai Chi, I signed up. I did not learn Tai Chi, but came away with something much better, the healing gift of Reiki. In the preliminary talk I heard that I could receive this gift and that the only thing that could stop the gift was to consciously block it. I had no intention of doing that, so at Zaca Lake Retreat Center, sitting in the Sacred Grove, I received my first Reiki attunement from Jeanette McDaniel, RN. As the attunement began, I saw a huge fountain from which poured forth healing energy and a path that stretched from horizon to horizon. I heard a voice saying that I could step on the path if I wanted to. I did not have to be told twice!

I mentioned that I make my intention daily to be a healing channel for anyone who wants to receive it from me. God has given each of us free will, and God will not violate this. When I ask patients if they would like me to pray with them, they know I am praying for healing. I ask permission from unconscious patients on the mental level, knowing their Higher Self will respond. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, sometimes I do not get an answer. In that case I send Reiki with the provision that if the person does not want to receive it, that it go to someone who does. My model is Jesus asking the man at the pool of Bethzatha (The Sheep Pool) if he wanted to be healed. (John 5:3-9) He did not just heal him without his permission.

Healing of body, mind and spirit is exemplified for me by Jesus in the story of the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19). They came to him for healing and they were healed: physically, emotionally and mentally (their self-esteem was restored and they "got their lives back") and they were restored to the worshipping community. It is interesting to note that the one who returned to express gratitude for the healing was not a Jew, he was a "foreigner." Dr. Usui, as we know, was Japanese and a Buddhist.

In the matter of sending Reiki, it is good to remember that Jesus sent healing also. Note Matt. 8:5-13, the cure of the centurion's servant and the cure of the Syrophoenician woman's daughter (Mk. 7:24-30). In Luke 10:1-6, the disciples were sent out and were to send "peace" to whatever house they wanted to stay in. If the peace was not accepted, it was to return to them. So, too, if Reiki is sent and is not wanted, it is sent back to you, or you can send it to others, or to Mother Earth.

I have sometimes given a gift of Reiki, a bear or piece of jewelry, etc., which I have charged with Reiki energy. This, too, is very Christian. In Mt 9:19-22 and Mt. 14:35-36, healing flowed out of the hem of Jesus' cloak or the fringe on the cloak. In Acts 19:11-12, handkerchiefs or aprons that were touched by Paul brought healing to the sick and people would place the sick where Peter's shadow would fall on them and bring them healing.

Last, but not least, Jesus Himself told us (Mk 16:18) that we would lay our hands on the sick and they would recover and in John 14:12ff Jesus said that "I tell you most solemnly, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform even greater works because I go to the Father."

I believe there are many paths to healing, but the Reiki path is the one I have been called to, and with the Lord's help/support/encouragement, through the Bible and through those people He places on my path, I hope I will become an even better Christian and Sister. I ask God to continue to bless me and my work as a Practitioner and a Teacher.

Peace, Love, Light,
Sister Mary Mebane, OSF

Anglican Priest Uses Reiki


I am the Vicar of St John's Read and St Peter's Simonstone, near Burnley, Lancashire, England. I have always had an interest in medical matters including complementary therapies. About three years ago I was browsing a bookshop and came across several books about Reiki but at the time didn't do anything about this.

Later that month I was ministering to a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. It turns out she was receiving Reiki treatments. She had been one of my church 'stalwarts' . The Reiki didn't save her but I have never seen anyone face death with as much composure as she did. After her death I reasoned that perhaps Reiki had something to do with her outlook on her situation. That same week I received through my door a program of courses for a local college which offered Reiki training. Curiosity made me enroll and I have never looked back.

Nowadays I am a Reiki Master and have also taken Karuna training.
Looking back these events seem to be more than mere coincidences (synchronicities/divine guidance...)

I currently practice Reiki for the benefit of my parishioners and their contacts, some of whom are chronically ill with MS and ME. These I have attuned to first level and they are treating themselves; all attest the benefits.

I have never found any incompatibility between Reiki and The Christian Faith as I have experienced it and being able to help people in their health has been immensely enriching for me and for them as in my ministry I try to imitate Christ.

(The Revd Dr) Alan Sowerbutts

Christian Minister Uses Reiki


I was born and raised the son of a Christian pastor and became a fourth generation pastor myself. During the 10 years of my pastoral ministry I was often aware of the mental and emotional suffering of those in my congregation and I sought God for understanding regarding the power of love and grace to heal.

I became interested in the field of counseling after my own burn out in ministry-necessitated work with a psychotherapist. My recovery from burnout transformed my ideas of how God desires to work intimately in our lives and led me into a personal understanding of how God’s grace penetrates into the deepest aspects of our hearts and minds.

As my sermons began to reflect this understanding of grace my parishioners began to come to me with deeper issues of their personal suffering. Feeling called to work with people at this level of need I went back to school to pursue a graduate degree in the field of Marriage Family Therapy. My ministry continues to this day a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice running the Center for Open-Hearted Living.

I was exposed to Reiki in 1994 and felt impressed to train with a local teacher. The attunement processes were, for me, a very spiritual experience not unlike my experience of baptism, as I felt an increased connection to God and to His healing power. I continued to practice Reiki on myself and my friends and family, but did not bring Reiki into my practice until 2004.

At that time Reiki self-treatments were becoming very powerful and God was directing the Reiki energy to very deep and pervasive wounds and fears inside of me that I’d been avoiding for years. As I discovered how to let Reiki work this healing within myself I felt confident to begin to integrate Reiki with the psychotherapy that I was doing with clients. To this day I continue to be amazed by the power and efficacy of Reiki with my clients, especially when working with intense emotional processes. Reiki is gentle and nurturing, but powerful in its ability to move difficult emotional energy through and replace it with a sense of abiding peace.

I am utterly convinced that Reiki’s source is the Heart of God. I continued to experience the flow of Reiki as love, wisdom, and healing power. I have been exploring the meaning of grace and its practical application in the lives of human beings for 25 years and I can tell you that Reiki has been my most palpable experience of grace. Its use in my life and in the lives of my clients has resulted in a deepening of the fruits of the Spirit, such as the peace mentioned above, and I have become confident that Reiki is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Reiki, like prayer, belongs to every tradition and no tradition. The word “Reiki” itself may have been coined by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, but the healing energy itself has been available wherever human suffering has existed. Usui’s gift to us is that he learned how to pass the ability of channeling Reiki to others and gave this process enough structure to allow it to proliferate throughout the world long after he was gone. There are as many explanations of Reiki and its source as there are people who practice it. This is how God is, showing up where, when, and how people need Him and in ways that they can understand and explain from their own experience.

If you struggle with knowing whether or not Reiki is for you, the best way is to seek God’s guidance and have a Reiki treatment. You can read many books and articles on the subject, but ultimately your own experience will make it clear.

God bless you as you tap more deeply into the flow of love and grace being abundantly poured out upon the planet.

Scott Wyman, M.Div., M.A.
Marriage Family Therapist, Reiki Master

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